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Robbi offers a variety of workshops and events to help you learn tools to transform your life. Whether it be energy techniques or learning more about Archangels, we want to support you in your spiritual journey. 

Robbi also produces Chip Coffey's online Gallery Readings (the more intimate Chip Chats and the larger Coffey Talks). Tickets and Information about upcoming events are listed below!

Guidance From Gratitude Events

October 11, 8:30pm Eastern

Join Don Simmons in a Journey into the Unconscious to discover the meaning, accept the gift, and modify the behavior to bring healing and joy back into life.

Through Don’s “Past Life Gymnastics” and guided Past Life Meditation, you can discover why you are the way you are—the hidden meaning of your intimate relationships—the understanding of recurring difficulties within your life. By seeing it, clarity occurs and healing can begin.

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October 27, 8:30pm Eastern

Do you find yourself affected by the phases of the Moon and want to learn more about how to work with this energy to manifest?

In the hour long workshop we will:

  • Look at an overview of the Eight Phases of the Moon
  • Take a deeper look at the upcoming month's New, Quarter and Full Moons
  • Discuss how the Astrological Signs and Houses of your Personal Moon Chart Affect Your Month
  • Discuss Full and New Moon Ceremonies and how to hold these on your own each month
  • Hold a Full Moon ceremony ahead of the Full Moon on October 28th!
In Addition, Attendees will receive a special offer to receive a $75 discount on their own private Moonology Chart and Written Report!
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Chip Coffey Events

October 14 & 28th, 8pm Eastern

From Chip’s Living Room to Yours…this VIP Zoom Gallery Reading guarantees you to have a brief reading with Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey in an intimate group of 10 attendees.

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November 18th, 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

Join internationally acclaimed psychic and medium Chip Coffey for his last online large gallery reading of 2023!

Similar to his in-person gallery readings, this online event (held via Zoom) includes a general question-and-answer session followed by psychic or medium readings for randomly selected audience members.

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