Here Comes The Moon

Feb 19, 2024

I recently completed a class with Sara Landon and one of the principles that she discussed was allowing things to be effortless. Follow the joy, the inspiration, and let that lead you to where you need to go. We usually live the exact opposite way! We tend to struggle, push, shove, force things to happen, and not only do we expend too much energy making something happen, we are so often disappointed when we reach the finish line and are not satisfied. How would life feel if we reversed the process, living with faith that we will know when and how to take that next step forward?

A few months back I had started developing a Moonoogy workshop. I became a Certified Moonologist through Yasmin Boland's course through Hay House and had been sharing a bit about working with the moon cycles in the Tools for Transformations Group, so thought a full length workshop would be fun to lead. I put it out there, but there was very little response and it just didn't feel like the right time, so I put it on hold and hoped that I would revisit it in the future. 

This week I began working on a project to create a more encompassing course around Tools for Transformations (stay tuned - this is going to be pretty cool!) - and knew that Moonology and working with the moon needed to be a part of it. While my daughter was getting her hair cut I decided to review the course content as well as how Yasmin had set up the course structure and I got really inspired. I was a little hesitant to move forward remembering how the class didn't sell and started to question if there was a need for it.

After the haircut we were going to dinner and decided to walk into one of our favorite shops in our town. They have an eclectic range of items and the first thing I saw was a little carry bag with the 8 Phases of the Moon on it! Um, what? A bag with the moon phases just after I decided to do the Moonology Workshop. Well ok - that was Validation! So after dinner I went home, set up the course online and created all of the promotional materials and set it out into the world.

Today we went with some friends to an art gallery and had some extra time before we needed to get home so decided to go walk around a different area of a neighboring town. I hadn't been there during the day when stores would be open for many months and found a few more really cute shops to explore! The first one we walked into had a workshop sign up sheet and several cards and books about the moon on display at the cash register and I chuckled because I had been pondering if I should offer an in-person Moonology workshop, and this seemed like the perfect space to hold it. So I took a leap and told the woman what I did and that I was thinking about teaching an in-person version of the Moonology Workshop I was holding online and she got this smile on her face and said she and her friends had been looking for someone to give them readings and here I was! 

I had to laugh as this was sign number two I was on the right path with the Moonology stuff (after it kind of fading away for months). I asked if I could use the bathroom and when I came out the song playing in the store was "Here Comes The Moon" by George Harrison. I just started Laughing Uncontrollably and asked my friends and the shop keeper is they had noticed the song and they said no. I pointed out the synchronicity to them and we all were astounded. Sign Number 3!

We left the shop all a little bit amazed at this and decided to head back to the car. As we were walking to the car we saw a new storefront and went in. The first thing I saw inside the door was a beautifully bound "Moon Journal" with information about moon cycles, daily journal space, etc. Sign Number 4! Then my friend called me back and there was a book by the same woman called The Moon Book, which I purchased! Sign Number 5!

I of course had to (over)share all of this with the shop owner and she was amazed, and then quickly said "you can teach that workshop here any time you want to". She asked for my email and when I got home there was already a message from her. Mind Blown!

I share this not only because of the crazy synchronicities, but to also remind us to give ourselves permission to take breaks from things that do not feel right or a good fit at the moment, knowing that we can come back to them when the time and energy is right. Listen to yourself and take your own guidance! If things feel forced, hit the pause button. Do not let it frustrate you. Take a moment to evaluate if it is not for you or not for you now, and allow yourself to make the next step based on what you feel in your heart, not what others are telling you or you feel you should do.

But for me at this moment, here comes the moon!

Sending love and light to you all!


Introduction to Moonology Workshop
April 27th

If you are affected by the phases of the Moon and would like to learn more about how to work with its powerful energy to transform your life, you might be interested in taking my upcoming Introduction to Moonology Workshop!

In the Moonology workshop we will:

  • Learn about the Eight Phases of the Moon
  • Take a deeper look at the upcoming month's New, Quarter and Full Moons and how to work with them
  • Discuss the Moon's 12 Houses and how to look at your Personal Moon Chart
  • Discuss Full and New Moon Ceremonies and how to integrate this into your monthly practice
  • Working with Forgiveness and Gratitude and the Moon Cycles
  • Card Spreads for the New and Full Moon

Learn more or Sign Up at

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