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Welcome to the Guidance From Gratitude Community! We are excited to expand our connection with people in a forum that will allow a bit of privacy and more connectedness.


 The Guidance From Gratitude Community is an open community where we will share the Card of the Day which you can receive via the Community App each day and hear about exclusive discounts, events, workshops and tickets to Chip Coffey's Chip Chats before they are released to the general public! You can join for free or make a donation to support our work when joining!

Card of the Day
Many people have said that they miss seeing the card of the day on social media (due to the way the algorithm works) so this will make sure you have access to the Card of the Day each day! You can also subscribe to the extended Message of the Day to receive it via email and become a part of the Tools for Transformations Community (see details below)!

Ask Robbi
Beginning in January 2023 we will be answering questions from community members about spirituality and share as videos to the Community and Social Channels - but only community members can submit questions! I will also be choosing one member of the Guidance From Gratitude Community each month to do a private reading for - so membership has its benefits!

We will be adding features as we grow and learn what you most want from the Community.

While the Community is free, you can support the Card of the Day and my work by making a one time donation through the link below! If you are not able to make a donation, please share the Community Signup with your friends (by sharing the signup page:!

Join the Community

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Tools for Transformations Community:
For those that have subscribed to the Message of the Day Membership, Study Group or Coaching Programs you will have access to additional areas of the Guidance From Gratitude Community that includes the Message of the Day, Prayer and Support Requests, a Resources Section where we can share helpful articles and information, as well as a Chat feature where you can have public and private chats with members of the Community.

If you have not received access to the Community through your Products after you log in to Kajabi or have any questions please email Robbi at info @

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