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Robbi offers a variety of workshops and events to help you learn tools to transform your life. Whether it be energy techniques or learning more about Archangels, we want to support you in your spiritual journey. 

Robbi also produces Chip Coffey's online Gallery Readings (the more intimate Chip Chats and the larger Coffey Talks). Tickets and Information about upcoming events are listed below!

Guidance From Gratitude Events

Join Nicole Schoen & Robbi Kearns at one of our "Angel Answers" Events!!

Connecting with the Archangels, Robbi & Nicole will share messages that will help you bring in the change that you are seeking in your life. We begin each session with an energetic attunement to call in the Archangels to be with us during the session.

Each attendee will get an abbreviated reading and guidance from the Archangel(s). Throughout the evening, you will deepen your knowledge about and how to work with the Archangels in your daily life!
The Fee is $55
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Join Certified Angel Guides Robbi Kearns & Nicole Schoen as they introduce you to a wide variety of Archangels, some that you may be very familiar with and others that you might not be! The workshop is help via Zoom.

You will gain insights into the areas each Archangel work and how to work with the Archangels in your day to day life for profound growth, healing and support! 

Each attendee is provided with a detailed workbook that we have created about the Archangels, as well as an archival recording of the workshop (in case you can not attend live!).

The Fee is $33.

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Chip Coffey Events

August 10th Now Available!

From Chip’s Living Room to Yours…this VIP Zoom Gallery Reading guarantees you an abbreviated psychic or mediumship with Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey in an intimate group of 10 attendees.

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