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Guidance From Gratitude is excited to announce the release of products including our Be Your Own Oracle Deck, Mugs and T-shirts! Click on the items below to learn more or purchase!

The Be Your Own Oracle Deck is composed of 33 card with a word or phrase of guidance from your Spirit Partners! The beauty is in the simplicity and the direct connection you have to be your OWN oracle! I like to think of the deck as another tool in your toolbox to connect with you Spirit Guides & Angels for guidance.

There are two options for sale:

  • Be Your Own Oracle Deck
  • Be Your Own Oracle Deck with Attuned Amethyst Wand
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Start Your Day With Gratitude!

Do you want a conscious reminder to connect to your Spirit Partners and Gratitude each day? 

Whether you choose the mug with “gratitude” or  #MyGuidesHaveMyBack hashtag, it is a wonderful reminder to stay connected to gratitude and your Spirit Guides throughout the day!

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