Are you looking for a loving, supportive group as you embark or continue your spiritual journey?

Look no further! As a member of the Tools for Transformations Community we will go on a transformative adventure together!


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As a member of the community, you can attend monthly Group Gatherings focusing on the theme for the month, receive the inspirational Message of the Day, and connect with other members through our private online community. Here's what we're exploring:

Forge Connections with Your Spirit Partners: Delve into tools that connect you with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Universal Energy, and God, all for the betterment of your Higher Self.

Energize Your Daily Life: Learn powerful energy techniques that seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine, keeping you connected to love and grounded.

Gratitude as a Superpower: Discover how to infuse gratitude into your daily life and spiritual practice, elevating your vibrations and bringing positivity into every corner.

Live a Consciously Connected Life: Enrich your daily life by integrating tools to help you live in the present moment instead of letting fear and doubt control your life.

Break Free from Roadblocks: Identify and release the roadblocks holding you back, empowering you to move forward with confidence.



"Robbi has helped me learn how to safely open my intuitive and empathic energy safely. Through his guidance, I am able to recognize intuitive cues and starting to use my energy to do good in the world.

If you are ready to start your journey to being a better person, to have better energy, to open up to God's light, I highly recommend working with Robbi. He provides a safe space to help you heal and move forward."    -Ann


"I have been searching for a long time for group where I feel like I have a voice. I know I can ask for advice or feedback and know I will not be judged. Tools for Transformation is helping me see my potential and not letting fear win in the end."   -Lara

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Tools for Transformations Study Group, you'll receive a wealth of benefits each month including:

Daily Inspiration: Kickstart your day with the uplifting Message of the Day Email.

Monthly Forecast Spread: Receive an energetic compass for the upcoming month, helping you to navigate through life's twists and turns with ease and grace.

Focused Monthly Gatherings: Join our monthly gatherings where we dive deep into the focus and lessons of the month.

Month in Review: Reflect on your spiritual journey with our Month in Review Gathering.

Exclusive Gallery Reading/Development Circle: Experience a monthly members-only session, delving into the mystical and connecting with like-minded souls.

Private Community Forum: Engage in enriching discussions and share experiences in our private Community Forum.

Special Discounts: Enjoy 20% off Private Readings with Robbi and a 10% discount on Guidance From Gratitude Shop Products.

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