Chip Chats are 10 person Gallery Reading Events which guarantee you an abbreviated reading with Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey held via Zoom.

The event starts with the group chatting with Chip and after a brief break Chip will conduct readings for each individual. During the individual reading, participant can ask one psychic question or speak with one person that has passed away (at least six months prior to the event date). (Please note: This is an abbreviated reading of what you would have in a private session and is usually 6-8 minutes per person.)

Tickets are $200 per attendee and will take place through a secure Zoom video chat. You must have access to a computer or tablet with video and the ability to use the Zoom application to participate (download and registration to use Zoom is free). Please do not use a handheld device as the movement is too distracting! 

Scroll down to read the Terms and Conditions and purchase your ticket!

Please note:
*All ticket sales are non-refundable. We can not refund tickets if you are unable to join the event for any reason, including technical issues.
*All event are for attendees that are 18 and older.
*Attendees must have a stable internet connection and computer or tablet to participate.
*Events are held through ZOOM, so please make sure you have the most recent Zoom application installed.
*You are purchasing one ticket to attend the event. No one else should be in the room with you unless they purchase a ticket.
*Please DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE or DURING the Event. If you appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs you willĀ be removed from the meeting.
*If hoping for a Mediumship Reading,Ā please select the ONE person in your heart of hears you would like to speak with. They must have passed at least 6 months prior to the event. Also - if you have received a previous reading from Chip, please note that he willĀ only speak with the same person in spirit twice.
*PleaseĀ DO NOTĀ USEĀ a Handheld device for the event. You must place phones and tablets in a holder orĀ stable location so it does not move during the event. If your device is moving it will be distracting for Chip and he will give you one warning then you will be removed from the group without a refund.
*Please enter the name in the registration form that you will be using on Zoom as the names must match our records in order to receive a reading since we are assigning numbers based on the name!
*Please remove any backgrounds or filters on your Zoom Video or Chip will not be able to conduct the reading.
*Please make sure you are well lit and Chip can clearly see your face.
*We are unable to provide tech support, so please make sure that you have access to internet, a stable device with Video and Audio, as well as the ability to access Zoom. Testing your connection prior to the event is recommended.
*Purchases will show as being made to "Kearns Artist Services" on your credit card and PayPal statement!Ā 
*Please double check your email address when entering it into the Registration form as we are unable to change it in the registration system and you will not receive the link for the event.