Signs and Synchronicities

Jan 12, 2024
Signs and Synchronicities To Keep You In The Present Moment

Hi Everyone! One of my goals is to be more consistent with blog posts and podcasts this year, so here I am sharing about signs and synchronicities that have happened to me recently!

This morning I had several "God-incidences" that I couldn't dismiss (I think it was my friend Jenny Israel that I first heard that term from and love it!). To me, when you receive a sign or validation about something, even if it is totally insignificant, be sure to stop, acknowledge it and be grateful for the experience!

When I went to turn on the bathroom sink, there was no water. I recalled that last night the water was slowing down and while still coming out, both Ella and I noticed that the pressure wasn't what it usually was. I looked online to see if flooding or heavy rainfall could affect a well's pressure and it didn't seem to resonate, so I just moved on. But this morning when there was NO water I knew I had to figure this out. 

We have had a few water issues here and I've educated myself a little about the system, so I went into problem solving mode (which is pretty easy for a Virgo!). First I checked other faucets and none of them worked. I immediately was grateful for the 5 gallon jug we had so we could have our basic needs met until the issue was resolved. Then I went downstairs and started running through the systems and soon figured out that no water was running into the house, so I figured it must be the well pump. I started texting the person that replaced the pump almost 10 years ago when I got a hit - "check the fuse". You see, yesterday a contractor had been working on replacing a light fixture and had to turn off the fuse to the bathroom. So I checked, and yep - the fuse for the well pump was indeed off! So I stopped and was so incredibly grateful that I was led to the solution that really was as easy as a flip of a switch (and not $$ for a new well pump)!

I came upstairs, made myself a cup of coffee with the water that was now flowing freely through the faucet and sat down to finish listening to a masterclass i had started last night by Sara Landon, who wrote the book "Wisdom of the Council" that I am recommending that everyone read!! I was almost finished with it last night but felt myself getting too tired to really focus, so I stopped knowing I had time to finish it this morning. So I pressed play and the next story she shared was about Gratitude! Being grateful for the things that we have. She shared that the Council once told her to think about the things we have in this way: What if we woke up to a new day with only the things that we had been grateful for the day before. Our family (human and pets), friends and community, nature, our possessions. Just the things that we had been consciously grateful for the day before was all that was left. This was a way for them to guide us to shift to living in a constant state of gratitude!

I took a few minutes to run that through my head and really let it sink in. I did a really deep dive of gratitude for my family, pets, home, running water!, the beautiful surroundings I live in, the support of the Universe I feel around me, my clients and the community we have built together. All of the things started pouring in. Then it was time to start the rush of the day with getting my daughter up for school, etc. So I went upstairs and as I opened the door to her room a music box started playing the very end of "You Are My Sunshine", which it has never started on its own! Ella opened her eyes and asked if I had played it and I just laughed and said no I didn't - but I was really feeling grateful for her and our family and I think that Spirit played it for us to start the day together.

In the talk by Sara she also spoke about when you are feeling disconnected or uninspired that it is important to connect with Nature. Even in winter you can find ways to do this. Stand at a window and look at the snow falling, watch the birds flying around, the sun shining through the trees, and allow it to inspire you and bring in rejuvenated energy. I share this because I had another synchronicity around the importance of Nature when I reached into the draw to choose Ella's shirt for the day - and the shirt I picked up first said "Find Joy in Nature"!

I share all of these stories with you so you can see that signs and reminders are all around you each and every day! Allow yourself to be in the present moment enough to make the connection to the things you have been reading, hearing or experiencing so you can feel that connection to Source, your Spirit Partners and the Universe! And ask you do, it will keep you in the flow of higher vibrational energy which will allow you to stay in the present moment and see the magic and opportunities all around you!

This message of seeing the opportunities and not the obstacles is a message that is coming through so strongly with me recently. It just validates to me that I am here to help people work through the barriers of fear, doubt and uncertainty that they may experience so they can open up to the infinite possibilities that will lead them to happiness!

If you would like support to move past the obstacles you may be facing I hope that you will consider scheduling a Private Session, joining the Tools for Transformation Group or even signing up for the Message of the Day Membership. You can learn about my services through my website at!

Sending love and light to you all!


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