New Moon Reading (Taurus, May 7, 2024)

May 07, 2024

New Moon Reading - April 7th

The New Moon (in Taurus) falls really late tonight (at 11:21pm Eastern/8:21pm Pacific) so I thought I would share a New Moon Reading that I did for myself last night and was told I could share it with others as today's message.

The New Moon in practical Taurus is a great time to look at your finances, create a budget (including reviewing unnecessary expenses) and set the future for your financial health! if you have been wanting to increase your savings, it is a great time to set intentions around how to do that.

If you attended the Moonology Workshop I shared card spreads for Full, the First and Last Quarter, and New Moons. The questions for the New Moon Reading were:

1) What opportunities are available to me at this time?
2) What should my focus/intention be for this New Moon for my highest good?
3) What steps should I take to manifest my desires during this New Moon?

So let's look at what they shared for us! All cards are from Denise Linn's Sacred Destiny Oracle. 

What opportunities are available to me at this time?
Miracles! Everything is available to you. Denise writes "Good fortune, celestial beauty, and inner divinity are expanding within you. Believe that your life is guided. Trust in the goodness of the Universe. A celestial bridge to the heavens is opening for you. Blessings are flowing in all directions. Believe that you deserve the best...because you do. Bounty, joy, blessings and miracles are flowing your way."

Wow - just wow! If you are part of the Study Group we talked about how we limit the Universe from supporting us in bringing our dreams into reality - and here is a message that Miracles are all around us at every moment - we just need to trust and connect with them!

What should my focus/intention be for this New Moon for my highest good?
Wisdom! This card is telling us to trust the intuitive hits and messages from the depths of our soul instead of things on the surface. There is so much more going on than you may be able to see, but if you find time to connect with yourself you will gain clarity and insights into the things you may be encountering in your every day life. Instead of engaging in the struggle, set the intention to find clarity and your truth so you can navigate the situation with ease and grace!

What steps should I take to manifest my desires during this New Moon?
Taking Risks! I'm not sure why - but when I saw this card I got very excited  - but know this card can produce anxiety for a lot of people! Denise shares that "when you draw this card it is time to step beyond your normal, everyday life. Take some risks. Face your fears. Do things in a new and even unorthodox way. Listen more to your inner voice than to the voices and opinions of others. Rather than running from potential failure, embrace it. History has shown that those willing to face failure will often succeed in a massive way later."

There is a theme of listening to your inner voice during this New Moon, and I hope that you all remember that as you move through the month working with whatever it is that you are hoping to accomplish this month.

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