Client Testimonials

I have been blessed to work with so many amazing people as they begin their spiritual journey or are looking for guidance on how to move past a roadblock that they might be facing. It is always so amazing to see their progress, especially when working with clients that return over the years! I feel honored that they choose me to work with!

I hope that the testimonials below can answer any questions you might have about my sessions and how they will help you navigate a situation you may be going through or a longer relationship through coaching or the spiritual study group!

  "I have had the good fortune to be guided in life by Robbi Kearns in one on one coaching sessions, as a member of his Spiritual Study Group, and with a Look Ahead Forecast reading.  The amount of kindness and compassion that Robbi exudes without even trying is astounding to experience.  He has truly put me on the path of discovery with my gifts and pushed me to reach down deep and overcome fears and doubts I have had regarding those gifts.  I can honestly say I would not be where I am in life today had I not met Robbi.  He has become a true mentor to me and I highly recommend him for spiritual guidance, advice, and help when you need answers in your life.  He's amazing!"

- Holly

Look Ahead Forecast

I am very glad that I took a leap of faith and did a Look Ahead Forecast session with Robbi. It was an insightful session and helped me look to the future with clarity and optimism. I have recommended it to several friends and can't say enough good things about this experience.
Thank you again for a great session!

Look Ahead Forecast

If you are like me and have been going back and forth on scheduling the Year in Review, I will let you know; just do it! I decided to purchase the Year End Review as a birthday present to myself, and it was the best thing I did.  I have been feeling stuck with my career, and the review helped provide guidance on how I should proceed to be successful in my career. Robbi was thoughtful and patient with my questions about the oracle cards, and I will definitely use him again.


Multiple Sessions

I‚Äôve worked with Robbi in a variety of sessions‚Ķ and the experience and connection felt is incredulous! His messages are on point and insightful. They provide clarity and grounded guidance. ¬†He keeps the sessions honest, light, joyful, and always positive. Robbi connects at a personal/energetic level which is eye opening. He‚Äôs sweet, loving, understanding while providing a ‚Äėreal-life‚Äô reading. Thank you Robbi,¬† ¬†for showing me ‚Äėthe light‚Äô. I am blessed to have met you, and I look forward to continue working with you!
- Maria

Angel Reading

I’m so thankful for Robbi I feel so much better and focused after our session. I truly feel more grounded and connected to what I’m supposed to be doing so I can be the best provider I can be. It was so easy to connect with Robbi and I truly feel like I’m going in more focused and with a better intention and with boundaries that will only improve the care I give. I’m so thankful and looking forward to my next session with Robbi.

- Ann-Marie

Angel Reading

Thank you so much Robbi! This was my first reading and you have shown me how I can help myself through a very difficult situation just by asking for help and guidance from my Angels and Guides. You gave me a different way to see things. I am now looking forward to something I have been sort of dreading. Thank you for your kindness and honesty.

- Connie

Moonology Session

I absolutely love the Moonology session I had with Robbi! I gained more insight into myself and the ways I do things, and Robbi was able to give me practical guidance on various parts of my life. I also learned new ways to work with the New Moon and Full Moon, and how to take the information from my session and build on it. Overall I am very happy I found Robbi and my people in the Guidance from Gratitude community!

- Danielle

Moonology Session

Robbi is a gifted intuitive and the real deal!!! I received a Moonology Reading from Robbi and I can’t recommend it enough! I am a cancer moon child, and have always been very affected by the moon. I didn’t know exactly how to work with them other than releasing on the full moon and calling in with intention on the new moons. I had often wondered why certain moons affected me more than others. Now it is all clear! Understanding my chart and how each moon affects me differently  within each sign was beyond enlightening. Now I can work with the energy to have a roadmap to keep me focused and take full advantage of its healing properties for my own individual needs and manifestation. Thank you Robbi!!!
- Nicole

Angel Reading

Robbi is a very personable, warm soul that guides you along your session on a clear, concise path. He listens to your situation while providing guidance on ways forward. Robbi's energy is engaging to the client, and gives comfort to those who seek answers. Go into the session with the knowledge that only you hold the keys to your future, but that gratitude to the energy around you is a bountiful resource. With all that said, I highly recommend his readings to anyone interested.

- Don

Angel Reading

My reading with Robbi was awesome! He is easy to connect with. So much goodness in a session it's hard to believe how it all fit. Immediately after the session was a shift that re-ignited with clarity how to move forward in an area I had questioned. He is a clear, open channel. Book in!

- Jessica

Spiritual Study Group

"I have been searching for a long time for group I can connect with spiritually but yet I do not have to feel like I am at church or something of that nature. I feel like I have a voice in this group. I know I can ask for some advice or feed back and know I will not be judged. 

Tools for Transformation is helping me see my potential and not letting fear win in the end."


Spiritual Study Group

"Robbi has helped me learn how to safely open my intuitive and empathic energy safely. Through his guidance, I am able to recognize intuitive cues and starting to use my energy to do good in the world.

If you are ready to start your journey to being a better person, to have better energy, to open up to God's light, I highly recommend working with Robbi. He provides a safe space to help you heal and move forward."


1:1 Coaching

I am so grateful for Robbi; his insight, encouragement, and intuition with his readings unlocked my innate wisdom and has transformed my life in a direction I could have never imagined.

I feel blessed to take this journey with Robbi's guidance. I recommend his Sessions, Workshops, Coaching, and Gallery readings.