New Moon in Cancer Reading

Jul 05, 2024

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share a reading for the group for the New Moon in Cancer!

Cancer is a sign of about the people and places that make us feel at home. It is that sense of security and stability, establishing our roots and creating a place where we can feel safe enough to be vulnerable and explore our emotions.

The New Moon in Cancer gives us the opportunity to look at setting goals around our home, our deep seeded thoughts and emotions, and the people closest to us (closest friends and family or those that you live with). 

Below is the reading I did for the New Moon in Cancer using my "Be Your Own Oracle Deck"

The questions I asked were:

1) What is rising up for me or what opportunities are available for me at this new moon?

2) What should I focus on during this new moon

3) What steps should I take to manifest my desires?

So let's see what the cards share with us!

1) What is rising up for me or what opportunities are available for me at this new moon? "Transformation is Accessible"

It is so important for us to realize that change is possible in every situation! It is not a time to be stuck in your head and discouraged about how things are. Instead, look up to the sky and know that the possibility for transformation and change is limitless!

I feel that Archangel Sandalphon, who carries our prayers to heaven and brings back exactly what we need at this time, is stepping forward to help us to bring what we need to help me with the changes we are wishing for. In order to do this we have to "surrender" control of the situation, ask for help, listen to our spirit partners and trust that we are being led exactly where we need to be - even it if doesn't seem like the path we would have chosen! 

2) What should I focus on during this new moon? "Every Breathe is the Chance To Reconnect"

So many times we become discouraged when we do not see change or achieve the progress that we think "should" have occurred! Instead of bemoaning the fact that things have not happened already and going into a downward spiral, take a deep breathe and reconnect with yourself and your spirit partners and again - Surrender to the Divine all of the worries, frets, stressors that you have around the situation and ask that they help you take the next perfect step towards your goal. What is it that I can do in THIS MOMENT to reconnect with my dream and be supported to work towards it. If you are not grounded and balanced you are reacting, not making conscious choices that are from and for your highest good, so hit the reset button and reconnect through your breath when you are feeling out of balance!

3) What steps should I take to manifest my desires? "Mix It Up"

The guidance for how to bring in the change that you are seeking is to do things differently. The same ole same ole obviously isn't working - or you wouldn't be finding yourself in this situation. So instead of continuing to do things the same way and expecting different results, why not bring in renewed, rejuvinated energy into your life, your relationships, your home, whatever it is that you are trying to refresh and renew! This is the New Moon after all! We are not meant to be doing things the same way. We've gone through the moon cycle getting clarity about what it is we wanted to let go of and release so we have capacity to bring in the new. 

So Mix It Up! if you find yourself beginning to do things the "same way" - see if there is something else you can bring into the mix, or ask those closest to you if they have ideas to help you brainstorm about another way. You may want to put on music and get up and do Figure Eights around your body, bringing renewed energy into your body and the space around you! Be playful, creative and allow yourself to connect with the passion of the dream, not just "how to accomplish it".

So you might want to know how to set your intentions for the New Moon. It's pretty easy! First you want to get clarity around what it is that you want. I usually focus on one intention so my energies are not being splintered in so many directions! Then you spend a little time visualizing the attention as it is already in existence. You might want to work with affirmations that reinforce the belief that the situation has already been brought into reality or thanking your spirit partners for being with you as you work on this intention. Higher vibrational energy is always good to help keep you encouraged and positive! And then Believe in your ability to make this dream become a reality with the help of your spirit partners!  You have to be willing to release control and trust that you are being led exactly where it is that you need to be in that next perfect step!

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Sending love and light to you all!


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